Our Mission

"Canadian Mill Services Association uses its distinctive Excellence to provide the forest industry with innovative, high-value, cost-effective, market-driven, technical certifications, inspection & testing, and manufacturing process audits and training services."


The Canadian Mill Services Association (CMSA) is a member-supported, nonprofit organization that has provided hands-on technical and education services to forest industry producers in British Columbia, Canada, since 1994. Focusing on core values of respect, knowledge, integrity and innovation, CMSA delivers cost-effective, market-driven services in technical certification, inspection and testing, manufacturing process audits, and training. CMSA members and clients benefit from our internationally recognized expertise in grade stamping, certification and technical training, which is critical to growth and profitability in the competitive global markets of the 21st century.

The formation of Canadian Mill Services Association came about in early 1994 after in in-depth review and reorganization of the Council of Forest Industries. At that time, the Lumber Operations Department merged with the Pacific Lumber Inspection Bureau to form an autonomous agency to provide a package of services to include grade stamping, quality assurance, training and education, plant health certification, JAS certification, mill audits and other special programs on a fee for service basis.

Our membership companies are primarily located throughout the Lower Mainland, Vancouver Island and BC Interior. From our office in New Westminster, British Columbia we represent:

85 Voting Members who receive our full range of services

54 Associate Members who receive plant health program certification services

18 mills certified to various JAS wood product accreditations

(as of May, 2007)

All aspects of the forest products industry are represented in the CMSA membership to include the primary sawmills, secondary manufacturers, wholesalers and shippers.

The Board of Directors consists of 10 CMSA membership representatives who are elected annually, to direct the affairs of CMSA.



CMSA's Financial Statement summary is available upon request.

Please contact CMSA office by:
Phone: (604) 523-1288
E-mail: info@canserve.org